Universal Brand Development



We create for our fans. In order to deliver the best possible experience, we have a strong focus on customer service, quality assurance and app submissions. Providing each to our developers as a service following our best practices to achieve great fan ratings.

  • Consumer Service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Submissions

Live Ops

Decisions should be made according to user actions within the game. Using actionable data to drive decisions is our passion. We work with our partners to deliver the best experiences, allowing data to pave the way.

  • Live Game Operations
  • Project Management


A team of dedicated marketing experts that drive game performance with measurable results. We strategize go-to-market plans tailored to each game with strong product marketing, product management and user acquisition capabilities.Our team is uniquely positioned to deliver results in a highly competitive market with big brand experience, global audience insights and scalable spending.

  • Consumer Insights
  • Product Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Account Relations
  • User Acquisition


Research, analysis and planning for product development. Insights gained from extensive market research allows us to pair the right brand with the right game studio, which leads to building products with a long successful life cycle.

  • Market Analysis
  • Game Projections
  • Data Comparisons
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