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JAWS.io, the company’s first multiplayer, hyper-casual .io game, is now available globally on the App Store and Google Play. Inspired by the original summer blockbuster, the new mobile game lets players sink their teeth into a suspenseful JAWS experience that stays true to the terrifying motion picture.

In JAWS.io, players start off as a small boat in the shark-infested waters of Amity Island and must rescue swimmers to increase their score, their ship size and their chance to ultimately become the giant great white shark, JAWS. After players turn into the infamous shark, they need to avoid being taken down by other players’ boats, and devour anything they encounter in order to stay in the lead.

Developed by Puerto Rico-based SRG Studios, JAWS.io lets players use simple, one-finger controls to dive in and compete against others in two-minute, action-packed matches. Players who complete the match with the most points emerge at the top of the leaderboard. Additionally, a “Party Mode” allows players to generate a unique code that can be used to play with up to seven friends.

JAWS.io will be regularly updated with new features, including new items to eat and share. Players are also able to unlock new boats, shark “skins” and more with achievements, in addition to in-app purchases that allow them to buy upgrades.

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