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Fast & Furious Takedown

Fast & Furious Takedown is a high-speed action arcade game that lets players of all skill levels master one-thumb controls to drift through missions, take the wheel of more than 60 licensed cars, and fill their garage with some of their favorite vehicles from the Fast and Furious franchise.

Fast & Furious Takedown is an authentic adventure inspired by one of Universal Pictures’ most popular and enduring movie franchises of all time, and delivers a quintessential Fast & Furious experience featuring legendary cars from the films, such as Dom’s Dodge Charger. Familiar characters from the films will guide players through challenging missions, epic stunts, fierce chopper pursuits, and more. Additionally, players will be able to compete against other drivers from around the world to dominate the Versus Leagues.

Fast & Furious Takedown is the first self-published mobile game to launch from the Universal Games and Digital Platforms team.

Fast & Furious Takedown is available now and free to download on the App Store and Google Play, with in-app purchases.

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/FastandFuriousTakedown/

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